About Kat D.

Hello friends. My name is Kat D, foodie, home-cook, and all around sarcastic lady. I hail from the city of New Orleans where I was born and raised. There is an undeniable culture of food in the city, and young natives tend to have the best appetites. I mean, what four year old do you know eats a charbroiled oyster?

So, as a kid, I learned how to eat, which eventually led to me cooking in my early teens. Throughout college, I cooked large quantities to make individual, home-cooked frozen meals for myself. I saw this as freedom to cook whatever I wanted while staying economical and also making great food.

I eventually joined Pinterest with the sole purpose of collecting recipes for me to cook and freeze. Eventually, my collection became out of hand, and I couldn’t keep up with what was good and what was not. Therefore, I created a space, Pinned Foodie, where I could keep the recipes, my comments, and suggestions. I also can keep track of delicious beers, wines, and spirits I have had throughout the country and elsewhere. I love to eat out as well, so this again has become a safe-haven for favorite places.

As a New Orleanian, when someone visits our house, we don’t ask if you want something to drink first. We ask if you want something to eat. And at the end of every meal, we ask, “Did you eat enough?”

PINNED FOODIE MISSION STATEMENT: To post, comment, and suggest recipes from Pinterest each week. To speak sarcastically and ironically as much as possible. To speak on the benefits and deliciousness of beer, wine, or spirits. To post restaurant reviews when a Pinterest post is not possible due to lack of caring, wanting, or energy on the writer’s/home-cook’s part.

FOLLOW ME ON PINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.com/pinnedfoodie/


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