Pinterest, Meet One Butt Kitchen

You may not be familiar with the phrase “one butt kitchen.” These types of kitchens are not for the light-hearted. Now, yes, they do contain the essentials: a microwave, a stove, an oven, and a sink. But that’s it. Slim to no counter space, very few drawers and cabinets, and enough space to move one step left or one step right. Enough space for, you guessed it, one butt. And I am one of the lucky cooks endowed with a one butt kitchen.

I am quite grateful for my baby kitchen. It does the job, and I do have a wonderful portable island to make my work that much easier. But I cook. I don’t make ramen (never have), microwave meals, or a quick egg in the morning. I make real, substantial food that would feed a family of four. Why do I cook so much for only one butt? Leftovers. It’s good. And one butt households deserve to treat ourselves to home-cooked meals. Four butt households shouldn’t have all the fun!

Now that we understand the term one butt kitchen, you may be asking why I am introducing an inanimate, intangible item to an unconscious, sometimes extremely hot room. I am on Pinterest for one thing: the plethora and never ending supply of recipes. From Thai food to pot roast, there’s everything a home-cook/foodie like me could dream of. I have one catch-all board entitled “FOOOOD.” And it has become a task to navigate as the recipes pile up. If my food board was a house, it would look like a hoarder lived there. I have slowly started to pick through these recipes and cook more. But I never write the recipes down before, during, or after the cooking. SO! To give me peace of mind and for your enjoyment/interest, I have made the public decision to keep all these recipes/reviews/suggestions to make them better right here. Isn’t that great?

Let’s bring all this information together for you, my readers (as few as you may be), to understand. The mission statement of Pinned Foodie: To post, comment, and suggest recipes from Pintrest each week. To speak sarcastically and ironically as much as possible. To speak on the benefits and deliciousness of beer, wine, or spirits. To post restaurant reviews when a Pintrest post is not possible due to lack of caring, wanting, or energy on the writer’s/home-cook’s part. And there you have it. No promises of gluten free, paleo, or vegetarian/vegan cooking; that the meal will be completely economic (YOU NEED SAFFRON! GO BUY IT NOW!); or that your family will love it. There’s going to be good recipes and bad ones, because I am only following a recipe. This is an open conversation blog as well, meaning I shouldn’t be the only one talking. I’m cooking from Pintrest for all those one butt, two butts, hell, even eight butt households. So, make sure you get all your fill. Did you eat enough?



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